December 12, 2008


Being and only child myself...and growing up prissy and pampered...I always thought I'd have a daughter. I didn't. God blessed me with one boy. One wild and crazy, Nerf-gun buzzing, head-butting, loud, roll on the floor just because, machine gun motor mouth, hate-to-wash-your-hands, put snowball's down your back boy! I love him immensely.
However, it's a sweet treat for me to skate on over to my friend Lynn's blog.. she and her daughter have been working creatively on their beautiful dollhouse! They've made all of their dollhouse furniture and accessories, very inexpensively, using household items! I love how Lynn's mind works. How she can "see" a chair out of a baking powder container. How she and her daughter made a mini-apple pie and more recently, mini-books and lanterns!
Whether you have a daughter or not... it's a fun blog to check out! Click here: The Year of the Dollhouse!

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