December 13, 2008


Each Christmas season, since my son was a wee-little tot, I've collected Christmas books for him. Never paying retail-always finding at garage sales or thrift shops. I wish my camera was up and running... so I could show you the book basket, that houses them--- each one...all fully wrapped! At the end of the season, when wrapping paper is cheap, I take time to re-wrap them for next they're all ready to go when the season rolls in again!

This year, is no exception. My just-about 11 year old son, is thoroughly enjoying this tradition. Each day he unwraps a book and we either sit on the couch or I lay in bed and read to him at night! He would really dislike it, if I was putting this out on the world wide web...but I know you won't tell anyone! smile-wink-nod. I am finding I get sort of giddy, too...when he unwraps the
Christmas books from Jan Brett or John Burningham's Christmas book, he's the author of Mr. Gumpy!

This book, Why Christmas Trees Aren't a gem! My new favorite. Plus, it was a perfect fit for our unit on England in the 1500's.

If you would like to read the short story on-line and see more of the beautiful illustrations... click here: Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect.

Do you have a favorite Christmas story? I'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment!


Lisa said...

I'll look for that one!

I have a lot of Christmas books too. Every year I say I'll do the wrapping thing, but I never seem to manage it.

Michelle Cowden said...

Thanks for the link- I'll definetely use it. As for my favorite Christmas story- its The Littlest Christmas Tree by Janie Jasin. My daughters are liking Mrs. Claus Takes A Vacation by Linas Alsenas. And of course, the traditional Christmas Story of Jesus' birth.