December 13, 2008

Just playing around!

This is sort of a little test, here. I couldn't take not having my regular digital camera around. I mean, can you even imagine going through the Christmas season without a camera?!

I bought one this afternoon at's a mini-digital that fits right on your keychain! It was $14.95. Minus the 10% off coupon I had. smile-wink-nod.

The pictures are a little bit blurry. But, I love the rest of the features! And, the fact that I will always have a camera on my keychain!

This is one of the ornaments I made out of a recycled Rice Krispie Box! I used garbage ties for curly hair!

Happy Saturday Night! I'm off to take a hot shower, pull on my wool socks and thermals and flop on the couch with my juicy novel..."The Virgin Blue." Doesn't the title sound raunchy? Not to's isn't.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Pretty good for a cheapie camera! And cute crafty dude!