December 14, 2008


Can one ever have too many mashed potatoes? I mean really?
We aren't the potato flake kind of family... you sure can't beat mashed potatoes from scratch! But, when I found this coupon for a free 13 oz. size or smaller..I clicked print on my computer and it spit out 12 free coupons! I used 9, last night at Meijers and walked out of the store with a spring in my step...sort of I should be on Oprah..telling the nation how I save money!

They are 100% Idaho potatoes. Nothing artificial. I'm not sure what I'll do with them all...I may give them out as useful-joke-extra gifts or I may be a stingy and keep them! What do you think I should do? smile-wink-nod!


Lisa said...

V. cool! THANKS!

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Were you aware that your "Monday Math" post is nonexistant??

Just an FYI :).


Brandi said...

Dried potatoes are a great thickener for potato soup and wonderful for those days you don't want to do anything. I also have a wonderful potato roll recipe I'll have to give you!

I also printed off the coupon!