December 15, 2008

Monday Math!

Before you pitch your Sunday newspaper... turn it in to your Monday Math curriculum! There is so much math to be had inside those sale flyers! Especially with the 3 for $5. or Buy One Get One Free's. Truth is... I'm not totally sure my 5th grader, who is doing triple and quadrupal number long division, could mentally figure out how much 3 for $5. would be individually. Now deduct a double .50 coupon and how much would you save? I hate to admit it...but glad I homeschool, so I can back up and teach these basics. I think he'll really enjoy this too, ...since it steps way out of the box, from ordinary workbook pages. I'll be able to review it too, when we're out shopping.

Speaking of using the real thing with math concepts... instead of the drudgery of massive, meaningless looooooooong division problems that are just there-on a black-liined page...I thought it would make long division more real to print-off resturant bills/tabs and have yours truely add and divide them out for a party of 15 or 17, etc. However, can you see how distressed my forehead and mouth look on my picture? Rolling my eyes...I was unable to locate any free printable tabs. I may have to whip some up from scratch. Ugh, unless you know of a printable site?

UPDATE: Sat down with Tommie and the Sunday sale flyer and went over the 3 for $11. minus $1. in coupons... I'm glad I did. He needed to be guided and helped along. Not horribly...but still a new, hands-on concept. Plus, we did it all mentally. Without pencil and paper. Unschooling life skill. smile-wink-nod.


Holly said...

YEA for unschooling! and YEA for free mashed potatoes!

Wee Pip said...

Great idea!

Patricia said...

What a grand idea! I have enjoyed visiting you here!