December 17, 2008

School away from the kitchen table....

Yesterday, we did follow through with our homeschool fieldtrip... the one I mentioned a few blog entries a nutshell, we've been studying a lot about England and I thought it would be very, very awesome to tour this English-tudor style mansion--which was decorated for Christmas! During the car ride there, I mentioned to Tommie to pay special, special attention...since he would be stepping into the shoes as a newspaper reporter and typing up a "news article" about the mansion...which he will do this morning. I intend to use this for creative writing, grammar, and spelling, alliteration, and sprinkle some similies and such into the story. Fingers crossed, all goes well..he isn't fond of writing and doesn't believe in adjectives!!!

He and I, went on a few errands while we were in the city... taking full advantage of Walgreen's sale flyer and my coupon match! Best find of the day? Colgate toothpaste for .25 a tube. Other good deals? batteries, Lays Potato Chips, Skippy Peanut Butter- $1. a jar, w/ coupons!

I also was able to find some pretty good little gifts in the dollar bin at Target, for a couple of young girls on my list! Went to Salvation Army, walked out disgusted at the over-priced used merchandise. It is very rare that I can't find something at a thrift store.

It was dark by now, and Tommie and I drove through the town, which was decorated like Vegas... with a Christmas theme. If that makes sense? The holiday lights in this town are always amazing!

We drove home in the snow. A good, wink, nod!

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Lisa said...

Check the dollar bins at Joann Fabrics, if you haven't already. I found some really cool things there!