December 18, 2008


Thirteen of my favorite websites for homeschooling, recipes and other fun things! just click on the light grey areas to take you to the site!

1. Favorite homeschool messege board.. loaded with tons of living book suggestions, nature ideas and no-nonsense homeschooling ideas! Most of the homeschoolers tend to be Catholic here...which I am not. I still find great ideas!

2. The History Channel! We use this channel a lot! You can also sign up for printable lesson plans...although I've never done that.

3. Free printable graphs, charts, forms, newspaper scavenger hunts and more! 88 altogether!

4. Create your own free printable graph! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site! Tommie's math curriculum calls for a lot of graph making. We use this site and the graphs come out so professional!!!

5. Charlotte Mason language art suggestions!

6. Paper toys!

7. Belgium Spice Cookies! My favorite Christmas cookie, ever! Easy, too!

8. List of English Literature

9. Thrifty fun! A gazillion ideas for all things thrifty!

10. Easy soup recipes from England... most are freezable! I love the potato-leek soup recipe...although I add a heap of caraway seeds.

11. Organic Grocery Deals!

12. Panera Bread Black Bean Soup Recipe! oooooo-la-la!!!

13. The Crafty Crow! Quality homemade crafts for kids of all ages!

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