December 11, 2008

Keep those FReeBie's Coming!

Time for me to share a few freebie links... I know they don't always show up...but I keep trying.

This week, I received a nice little OceanSpray Cranberry Cookbook! And, at Meijers the other day...on their overripe discount food rack...I found 4 bags of cranberries for .50 each! I came home and froze them! Cheap find!

Here is a list of more easy-as-pie freebie forms to fill out....just click on "free"....

Free printable dollhouse size accessories-great for Christmas crafts!

Free educational dvd and lesson plans (link educational tools at the top of their site: grades K-12) about the ocean!

Free desktop plant

Free Krispy Kreme doughnut

Free Scientific Method Poster

Recently, I treated myself to this treasure.. a mini-chopper, I found it at Walmart for $4. I've been using it more often then I thought! It works very only complaint is it is extremely loud!

Have you treated yourself to something special this season? If so, be sure to share in my comments! I'd love to hear about your treasure!


Lynn said...

I love the Hitty Print Mini link. Thank you so much!

I have a little chopper just like yours. I love it, but it IS loud.

My treat for myself? I splurged yesterday and bought six art posters, but they were only 2.50 apiece! A really good deal for us right now.


Lisa said...

Some of my freebies have been arriving - fabric softener (sent in a box! lol), post-it notes, a recipe book.

Lynn said...

Michele, I visited the site you listed, and Miss Priss and I had a blast today making things for the doll house. If you get a chance, you'll have to visit the doll house blog and see.

Thanks again!

Brandi said...

I have the chopper, too. It is terribly loud. It came in handy for making baby food.

I have not treated myself lately. With the house and laundry the way it is I will have to wait until I deserve it!

Michelle Cowden said...

Hi Michele! I treated myself to a gorgeous framed print to benefit the Nie Nie Fund. See the print here:

Hope your day is a great one!