December 22, 2008



OUTSIDE OF MY WINDOW: tiny, little snowflakes that look like glitter!

FROM THE LEARNING ROOM: nothing! we wrapped things up Friday and will resume on January 5th. Oh, unless you mean the stacks of books and papers that need to be put away!

I AM THANKFUL FOR: leftovers, TSC (The Tractor Supply Store), floating candles, coupons, and I am really thankful that I froze so much from our garden in August and stocked up heavy on staples last fall (flour, sugars, oatmeal, butter, pasta, and rice, kleenex, shampoo and conditioner!)

FROM THE KITCHEN: a plate of Christmas cookies-leftover from our Christmas dinner with my mom and her husband....I had it here yesterday! I also see, a bowl of tangerines, a glass of unfinished iced tea-room temperature.

I AM WEARING: black hoodie, black tee-shirt, black leggings, white tennis shoes. I just hopped off the treadmill- 2 miles.

I AM READING: still plugging away with The Virgin Blue... and see the book below!

I AM HOPING: to do my new yoga dvd's, that we get a big, old snowstorm again, and I get motivated to sort through and organize my scrapbooking corner.

I AM CREATING: no bake cookies for my cousin and I hope to make a Christmas journal for next year...sort of to take and make notes in.

I AM HEARING: Tommie talking to Brad about the weather station he received from my mom yesterday.

AROUND THE HOUSE: a new rice milk Yankee candle, a new grey sweatsuit, legos, cell phone and it's just about time to plug in the Christmas lights!!

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: making gift tags, doing laundry, walking through TSC (Tractor Supply Store)

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK: baking/frosting sugar cookies, wrapping gifts, getting things organized for Christmas Eve dinner with my in-laws!

HERE IS A PICTURE THOUGHT I'M SHARING: my mom gave me this wonderful book for Christmas, by Joseph Marshall titled, "Keep Going, The Art of Perseverance" I only read a quick paragraph and already fell in love with it... click right here to find out more!


Lisa said...

I am going to stock up!

Wee Pip said...

Merry Christmas, Mich! Your blog is always so fascinating (even the side bar keeps me reading! - those ice wreaths look interesting). The cookie dough gift is an awesome idea! Your wrapping makes it look so enticing!