December 21, 2008

Thrifty Gifts!

Tipping my hat, to my Aunt Janet for telling me about this truly wonderful gift giving idea..which is practical, thrifty, useful, pretty and yummy! Gotta love all that in this wild recession!

You can use any cookie recipe you'd like..I happened to use White Chocolate Chip-Oatmeal Cookie...since it makes a really huge batch and everyone just loves them!

Just make the dough, roll into a 15 inch log, I double wrapped in Glad wrap (freezer proof) and then wrapped clear cellaphane around it. I tied it off at both ends with a simple white bow, attatched baking instructions and gift wrapped the center of the you can see in the picture. These freeze up to 3 months. I thought it would be a welcome gift to use around the end of January or the uneventful days of February.

I've already given them to a few friends and my mother-in-law...and they have been very well received! I have a few more in my refridgerator, waiting to be handed out... the pastor's wife?, the neighbors?, that special librarian? Our den leader's wife.... You get the idea! Even you... if you lived closer, I'd even give you one! smile-wink-nod!

P.S. Have a dog? Then read the blog entry following this post....


Lisa said...

Those are a really good idea! A few years ago, I gave bean soup mix for gifts and I got a LOT of positive reactions.

Lynn said...

Michele, that is a wonderful idea! That is something I will do. It's exactly the type of gift I'm wanting to give this year.

I have received bean soup mix in the past too, as your commenter mentioned, and I loved it!

More thrity gifts!

I have enjoyed catching up with you this morning. It's been way too busy here, mostly because I'm trying to work and keep up with life!

That digital camera is not bad for a keyring camera! I may look into that.

Big Holiday Hugs to you,

Michelle Cowden said...

This idea has been a life saver and very much appreciated by the recipients. Thank you! Merry Christmas!!!