November 21, 2008


Yesterday, I enjoyed making these homemade Thanksgiving cards! I'll be sending them to family and distant family relatives...and I think my handicapped neighbor will enjoy getting one in his mailbox!
I found this children's picture book, " The Story of the Pilgrims," a little beaten up at a garage sale last summer, for .25 cents. Right then and there, I was making plans to create homemade greeting cards with it! I was also happy to use the vintage yellow rick-rack, that I found at a garage sale for .05 cents. I glued a matching yellow piece of cardstock inside the card, so I could write my well wishes on it!
So seven cards...happily created for .30 cents each... it makes sticking the .42 cent stamp on worth it! smile-wink-nod!

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Heather said...

Welcome to blogspot Ivy!

I love it!

Heather W (FIAR)