November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


One of the best things I've ever bought myself was this food processor. I think I paid around $40. at Krogers...a few years back. It wasn't until recently, on my quest to be even more thrifty, that I've put it to good use! (did you see my cheap potato blog entry a few entries back?)

The other night at Meijers, they had 2 bags of fresh cranberries for $4. Don't let me kid you...cranberries are not something on my grocery list every week. But, being caught up in the commericalism of the season- the premature holiday songs blasting in the background and the turkey displays dressed up like Santa... I flipped the bag over and noticed that they're freezable. Hey now..that's all I needed to I tossed two bags in the grocery cart! See now..I did not know they're freezable...did you? The things you can learn off of blogs! smile-wink-nod. Fast forward...I washed them and threw them in the food processor, then pulled out two cups, and spooned them into a freezer bag to make future cranberry breads. I was able to freeze three bagfuls! I was also able to make a quick and easy cranberry-orange sauce to freeze( I found the recipe off the back of the bag)'s wonderful over oven-baked chicken!

While I was at it..I whipped up two loaves of homemade cranberry bread...which taste just like candy! One loaf is already gone...the boys gobbled it up (pun intended).

Each year, thanks to Five in a Row, the curriculum we used when Tommie was younger, we pull out the Cranberry Thanksgiving book that was actually based on a homeschool unit... and read the book. The truth is, Tommie asked me to read it to him. He'd be utterly humiliated if he knew I put this out on the world wide web...but, he did. Twice! Just like the cover of Five in a Row...this big kid of mine, cuddled up next to me and settled in for a warm memory of the past! Now that my friends, is what homeschooling is all about. Warm memories and warm cranberry bread!

P.S. The bread recipe came from the back of the Cranberry Thanksgiving book.

Happy Thanksgiving...go easy on the mashed potatoes! smile-wink-nod.

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