November 26, 2008


Yesterday morning, we noticed a new snowfall of maybe 1-2 inches of wet, fresh packing snow! Of course, my son, came up with this wild idea of sweetly asking me,"if we could just go out and build a snowman before homeschooling?" Not really wanting to- but yet, not wanting to stomp out a fun childhood memory... I gave in and pulled on my snowpants and Brad's hat and plastered on a fake smile (see picture) and my dark blue eyes are hyper-sensitive to light the older I get... I don't just wear them for a sassy fashion statement. Usually. smile-wink-nod. See my coat? It is the best coat I ever owned! I found it at Salvation Army for $4. in the kids section. It is the warmest-lightweight coat ever. See now, aren't you glad you tapped into this blog today?

As I new it would... Tommie's plan turned into be much, much more time-consuming (believe it or not...the idea was to get out of homeschooling! Bless you, if you have a better behaved child then I do...) and we ended up building this fort.... With a little struggle and whinning on both of our parts, we took a break and came in to do about two hours worth of homeschool lessons... two hours of fun Rainforest Study and a little math, seemed like an eternity for my 10-year old, when you want nothing more then to play outside...but we made it through.

I had made hot chocolate and we saluted our cups to a job well done! Reminding him that the very chocolate we were drinking, probably came from somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn!

Either Tommie is pretending he's back in the womb.. or just relaxing with his hot chocolate and contemplating how he can get out of Wednesday's lessons, too?

It's tradition for me to make patio snowmen.. I made a vow to myself, that I will continue this tradition until I'm 90. God-willing. It is so relaxing to sculpt and design..and have this little snowman peeking at me through my kitchen window! I actually made 5 little snowmen, yesterday...but this is the best one. I used spaghetti for hair, a rock candy nose, rose hips, peanut eyes and sprinkled thistle seed around the base....all for the birds.

Oh happy day, afterall.


A JoyFilled Life said...

I just love those kinds of days, and have even been known to bundle up the kids and send them out to play in the newly falling BEDTIME!

Holly said...

OK but I still say I'm allergic to snow lol! Glad you had a good time!