January 01, 2012

january first and look what my man dug up.
that's right... half a bushel basket of sweetish-luscious, sunny carrots from our garden!  and wait... there's more.  lot's more.  in fact, there's another half bushel basket ready to be plucked up and processed.  seriously friends... this is a major-big-deal.  january in michigan provides very, very little fresh anything. nor cheerful colors of any kind.  wink.
tomorrow, will find me befriending my food processor and stashing bags of carrots in the freezer.

i'm thinking this is a really good sign, that 2012 is going to serve us well.

smile, wink, nod!
p.s.  happy new year jamie!  i appreciate your faithfulness!


Sue Smith said...

What a wonderful way to begin 2012!

Lynn said...

That's awesome, Michele! Yay! What a great way to start 2012! Love, Lynn

suzieQ said...

Your vase is awesome, years ago I wouldn't have liked it at all, but tastes do change and I think it is a treasure. Love the little bunny with the horn heralding in comments and the carrots look delicious.
May I make a comment? I enjoy music, but you have no idea what a scare I got, sitting alone, at 10:50p.m., when music began...