December 28, 2011

a few posts back, i shared my latest read, the poisonwood bible.  i haven't finished it.  not even close.  truth is, there are just way too many good books, that intrigue me.  too many titles and excerpts and inviting covers. and, although i wish i was the type of person who can juggle reading several books at one time, i'm just not that talented! 

i'm sliding this dream cottage into this post, because i knew you'd love it and you'll agree... it would be a heavenly reading cottage!  imagine how cozy it would be with a the doors pulled shut, a really good book and a warm-summer rain hitting the rooftop.

for now, my soft couch and polar fleece blanket is my reading sanctuary.  not bad at all.  and i'm 3/4 of the way through this thrift shop treasure (i recently found), "a vintage affair."  it's light and a little fluffy... the pages take me inside of a vintage resale shop in london and to the romantic vineyards in france. it's sprinkled with history and mystery.   

love the book.
love my couch.
love my polar fleece blanket.

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jamie said...

Mmm, love, love it! Makes me want to go make something nice like coffee and go read my book. Thanks for sharing! Have a Happy New Year! :-)