December 11, 2011

dear santa,

forget the flame less candles, i asked for in the previous post.  this is really all i need. 
a volkswagon camping tent.
imagine how much fun it would be to decorate and find camping accessories.  retro, of course. 
i believe this is only available in england.
which is a bit far for me to pick up.  but if it was available in the u.s.a.  i seriously think i would invest in it.
yellow, blue or red.
and it would work wonderful for the out-of-town shows i go to in the summertime.

so what-da-ya say, santa?
swing by london and haul one back on your sleigh.

smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

How cute! I want a red one. :-)

Janet's Creations said...

Yeah, that is cute! I want one to slipcover my van. I wonder how that would work? hmmmm....

Joyful Catholics said...

now THAT is dang sweet! :)