December 09, 2011

dear santa,

all i'd really like this year is about 100 of these scented, flameless candles. have you seen any, around the north pole?
 i bought two of them at our local goodwill store... brand new still in the original manufacturer's wrapping.  vanilla scented, for $4. each.  the store had a shelf full, but being the frugal skeptic i am, and added to the fact that "you just never know if what you buy at thrift stores actually work," i tossed just two in my cart.  could i kick myself, with my cowboy boots, now that i discovered how awesomely-terrific these are?  you betcha, santa.  and get this... mine even have a subtle vanilla scent, lingering out of the fake flame.  smells just like sugar cookies baking in my kitchen.  cozy.
i do prefer real candles, don't misunderstand.  but, my better-half has insane allergies and he breaks out in a hysterical fever, knowing the flame is leaving black marks on our really clean walls, ceilings and cupboards.  yes, even soy candles leave a film.  problem solved: flameless candles.

thanks santa.

p.s.  any color will do.
smile, wink, nod.

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