September 13, 2011

look who came to visit!

just like clockwork, every september.... we have a family of sandhill cranes who take up residence in our backyard!  they'll be here until the end of october!

they've arrived two weeks and one day earlier, then last year.  i wonder if they're just happy to be back in our yard or do they know we're in for an early winter?
which by the way... it's woolly bear mania, at our home.

such a spectacular sight...  sandhill crane's in flight!
have you ever heard the sound a sandhill crane makes?  distinct, that's for sure. 
click here:  sand hill crane voice!


today, i was able to preserve 4 pints of raspberry-honey jam!


Sue Smith said...

What a spectacular site! Love it that the Cranes come back each year. Thanks for sharing :)

Janet's Creations said...

Isn't nature amazing? One year I kept a bird journal of the birds that came to our feeders. It was like a schedule for years to come. On a certain date each year, the same type of bird would show up. Very seldom were they off by more than a day or two.
Say Hi to the cranes for me! They are probably more important than we realize.

Anonymous said...

I love your sandhill cranes! They look like some prehistoric creatures....