September 11, 2011

beeee-bopping home, happily!

well now, what do you think my answer was, when a family friend called and told me to "come and pick her pears?"
a resounding.... yes!
beeee-bopping home happily, with 10 gallons of those little gems... i prepared and canned them.
we like light syrup the best.
this was an all day project.
but one things for sure, i know we will be satisfied, once the snow flies and we pop off the lid!
i appreciate this blessing!
what sort of things have you been blessed with lately?

1 comment:

jamie said...

Very nice! Those will be great all winter! We have been blessed with tomatoes right now, and have been canning lots of soup, pizza sauce, and ketchup, etc. Plenty to share with family and friends. Have a lovely week!