August 02, 2011


current mood:  sleepy and unsettled.

outside:  rainy, warm and nice.

wearing:  grey peace sign tank top and mint green skirt with matching toiling.  two toe rings.  two ankle braclets.  cat-eye reading glasses.

in the kitchen:  sweet pickles canned and popping.  fresh strawberries and cherries.  the cherries aren't too terrific, but the strawberries are scrumptious.

in the garden:  black-eyed susan's, queen anne's lace, green beans and kale, waiting to be processed.

tunes:  southern gospel

something new:  a punching bag for tommie, who is pretending he's joe louis. 

something yummy:  frozen twix candy bars.

greatful for:  my free gas card that came in the mail, and, laura's lean hamburger on sale $2. off.

pet peeve:  when i'm pumping gas and the handle-squeeze-lever keeps going:  click, click, click and won't stay put.  ugh! 

looking ahead for the week:  markets, canning, markets, canning.

dream:  to own this pink retro trailer house and have my studio there.  what a dream.

smile, wink, nod.

1 comment:

jamie said...

I am canning today also. I really like the pink trailer. Why not, right? I bet you'd fix it up so cute. :-)