July 10, 2011

yesterday, we had a family bbq hollywood-style... in honor of my cousin aaron, who was in town (very briefly)... from nyu film school/tisch.  he is a brilliant writer and is currently getting ready to film and direct a festival movie (the kind they show at cannes, etc.) out on cape cod. unfortunately, i declined the part he wrote especially for me... i mean look, i am just way to busy working street markets and garage sailing to participate.  you'll be happy to know, madonna wasn't busy, and was willing to take my part!

i purposely forgot to bring whip cream for the homemade gluten-free blueberry cobbler, that i made.  so acting like middle-aged high school girls... we climbed in the car and went to the local kroger store.
it was more of a "get noticed and look at us" adventure.  i planned this, because i knew we wouldn't know anyone.  not to mention, it was a blast!

aunt janet came dressed as hedy lemarr. 
her husband came as desi arnez. 
both such good sports!

check out these beautiful potted flowers, that my cousin put together. breath-taking!

my cousin carey grant... who is a financing major, atlas shrugged genius and is right on the mark with economics and government (he's who i go to for government, economic and political advice and words i don't know how to pronounce!), he made eggrolls. love that boy... he never gets tired of my ignorant questions (at least i think he doesn't.)

his mom is to the left and aaron the up and coming director... next to her.

my cousin (brag:  doctor, breast cancer survivor, bird-ology guru and wildly creative) and i entertained the family, by making big bubbles.  not all families are as talented as us....bubbles have a mind of their own.  just like my 13 year old son. 

all of the tattoo's i wore, were fake.  found them at the dollar store.  tommie wrote, lady gaga... on my back.

lady gaga taking a break... note the natural-i-don't-know you're-taking-my-picture pose.  truth is... i overdosed on potato salad and couldn't move.

my aunt joyce as laverne, steve martin, conehead, me and george clooney.

our friend lou who came as a cher groupie.

my mom a.k.a marilyn monroe and my uncle bill, share a deep conversation!  wonder what it was about?!

really bad blurry picture... but i stuck it in here anyway.  my second dad, came as john wayne... cowboy boots, big buckle and cowboy hat.

hope you enjoyed our hollywood bbq party.
we are so very blessed to be together and make happy memories.  i love my family so much, that i get a lump in my throat.


Anonymous said...

kThis family you have looks like they are crazy. We did have a great time, Really enjoyed visiting with Arron. Just so happy he has this opportunity. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Our Tommy has really changed.
Love you aunt janet mae Hedy lamar

jamie said...

LOL Looks like you all were having a blast! :-)

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

found you smartypants!