July 09, 2011

on a dark, spring day, i stopped at an estate-type yard sale.  off the beaten track, on a lonely country road. looking down and looking down again... i opened an old musty box to find.... a pile of better homes and gardens (1940's) magazines... for a dollar each.
seriously now, do i even need to tell you how fast i snatched these up?  

there are a bazillion adorable, vintage ads, like these.... 

i'm not exactly sure, what i should do with them?  frame them, i'm thinking.  in a banged up old frame. 
what would you do?

you're welcome to cut and paste and print and use these images... i'd love to hear what you plan to do with them!
smile, wink, nod.

1 comment:

Sue Smith said...

Cool ads! Question...what is PEP and Corn Soya? Never heard of these!!! Love the picture of the drinks. May use it in a future blog post.