July 25, 2011

so... i sewed!

i think i can do that, said i... as i read the instructions on how to sew a 10-minute apron, using a pillow case.  

sew, or rather so.... i've been keeping my eyes peeled for cheap, pretty, funky pillowcases.  and ribbon, to be used as the tie-backs!

my aprons are not sewn well.  i'm a super-novice... but determined and i enjoy trying.  i couldn't sell them.  i couldn't even give them as gifts... unless you count my mom, because a mom loves anything you make!  sew, i just decided to keep them all.  all five for myself, to wear at markets, where i work.  of course, wearing one in the garden might be convenient, too?

this one is my favorite!  of course, because it's green striped and faux pink fur.  it's made from a flannel pillowcase.  and i added an extra pocket.  see how good i'm getting??? i'm brave enough to sew an extra pocket!  wink.

so my girlfriends... here is the divine blog site, in which i got the instructions from:

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jamie said...

Very pretty! I love the pockets. :)