July 24, 2011

siLLy SUndaY...

not my idea... played copycat off of someone on flea market gardening (facebook).  i loved how this someone displayed black-eyed susan's in a blue vase.  truth is, i own nothing blue, except this old crock.  so, i said.... what the heck?  and used it.  i think it looks just peachy, don't you? 

a good neighbor friend of mine (also homeschool mom-friend) is in russia this week.  she asked me if i'd like to collect her chicken eggs, while she's away.  you don't have to ask me twice!  big nod.  one chicken got loose.  chased that darn chick 'round and 'round her yard... like my pants were on fire!  grabbed the poker and thought i killed the thing.   didn't... but, was wondering.......... what's your favorite bbq sauce?!

took a bike ride tonight.  my oh my... my legs are looking milky.  try not and notice, but my outfit, totally does not match.  it was just one of those, "hey-mom, let's-go-for-a-bike-ride-right-now!" moments. 

a snip there and a snip here and eventually, i gathered a bundle of oregano to dry.  actually, it's close to already being dried.  we've had no rain in what seems like forever... hence, the oregano was screaming to be used, before it's premature death.

i hope you had a silly sunday, too.
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

fear not, my legs are about as white as yours..they just do not tan! and my favorite bbq sauce is "sweet baby ray's"--janet m

jamie said...

I was just going to say that my favorite is Sweet Baby Rays also. The flowers are beautiful.