April 03, 2011

sunday logbook
(copied this meme from my friend lisa w.)

current mood: feeling extremely uncomfortable.  ate way to much for dinner.  ugh.

outsidedark, cold, damp, snowy, rainy, slushy, wet, add a mix of afternoon thunder.   

wearing:  my favorite long johns... scroll down, see them on my sidebar, a sock-monkey flannel shirt, brad's reading glasses and wet hair.

tunes:  pulled out an old french dance-mix c.d. and ran like a maniac on the treadmill.

family is:  watching swamp-loggers on cable, picking at each other and giggling.  dog is looking at me, waiting to go to bed.

made me laugh:  the vendors at the flea market, next to me, today.  such a colorful group of wild people.

made me sad: ?

made me drool:  the pickle plate, bird pocket-wall planter and other goodies, TO BE ANNOUNCED, that i picked up for cheap, today at the flea market.

blessings:  facebook!

reading:  atlas shrugged and the book of job (thanks to a friend's son's recommendation).

watching:  fox news.  is there anything else?

considering:  getting back into the yoga groove.  did a 30-minute yoga abs video, today.  effective and easy.  must slim down... i'm getting thick.

working on: office work for my mom this week, and scheduling forthcoming junk shows.

accomplishments:  wrapped up homeschool co-op, until fall.  taught two great classes.

lessons: using switched-on-school house as a spine, finishing teaching textbooks and organizing tommie for his environmental-agriculture class competition at... michigan state university!  sure wish i could go with him... but it's his "thing."

agenda:  spring cleaning this week.  drawers, book shelves, cupboards... etc.

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Anonymous said...

i find dark,chilly,slushy, rainy weather great for a cozy read with a dog for company- Janet M