April 01, 2011

missing person's report:
have you seen these homeschool moms?

pam, amy, jacque, me, and lisa l.

last seen? 
sneaking out of homeschool co-op during first hour!  with looks of bewilderment, curiosity and giggles!

homeschool mom's never ever miss the opportunity to scoop up, pluck and examine roadkill. 

this is my dear friend jacque.  we've been friends since we've been eleven.  she really liked holding this female pheasant!  she liked it a lot!

we learned from lisa l., who was busy snapping these wonderful pictures.... that the bird's adrenaline was soaring....which explains why plucking pheasant feather's could be challenging.  easier to pluck, the longer the bird sits.  i'm thinking the bird relaxes more and "let's go" of the feathers.

you'll be happy to know...
all of the homeschool mom's were safely returned to the homeschool co-op building, in time for second hour. 
and nobody even noticed!
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

Love it - you are so fun! Thanks for kidnapping me and making us pluck feathers off of roadkill - an adventure I'll never forget...and oh the looks we were getting from the cars passing by...

Lisa said...

I bet I know where that pheasant roadkill was! I see pheasants almost every time I drive from Dryden to Lapeer.

bubbles742 said...

Where was I when all of this fun was happening?? Oh yeah, inside the building leading the co-op!! LOL! I miss all of the fun! Very, very cool Michele!

Anonymous said...

i hope you washed your paws real good after- janet m