March 01, 2011

recycled sweater

 oh!  the fun you can have with a recycled sweater!  today, i cut-off the sleeves to a fisherman's knit sweater, whipped stitched the top (the part which was cut/opposite from the cuff).... and slid the wool sleeves onto my legs! 

then, after seeing this on recycled sweater (see my side bar for the link), i made an accent pillow!  i'm thinking of replacing the brown buttons with either pearl or rhinestones.

 here's another snap of my homemade legwarmers... and they really are warm!  my feet look a little pathetic and sad in this picture!

oh... and here's the back of the sweater-pillow.

did you know, way back when... on the east coast, wives of fisherman used to hand knit these beautiful sweaters, we now call fisherman's sweaters?  each family had their "own" pattern.  why?  because.... if a family member was lost at sea, they would be able to identify their loved one by the knit of the sweater.  i just love history like that, don't you?

1 comment:

jamie said...

Cute idea! I have always thought that those kinds of pillows are classy. It would make a cute hot water bottle cover, too, with the buttons in the center. And I love your mary jane shoes!
Can't imagine what life would be like for a fisherman's wife, but it is fascinating.