March 07, 2011

i'm not primitive rug hooking, nearly as much as i'd like to.  if i could, i'd like about 5 more hours added to my day.
quite sometime ago, i started primitive rug hooking this project... completely with pantyhose. 
remember all of those tacky colored panty hose we used to wear in the 1980's?
those are the kind i'm talking about.

it took me a long, long time to completely finish this chair pad...not because it's hard or tedious, rather... the whole lack of time-thing.  exhale. i did it!
and i love it.
and now, i'm itching to do another!


jamie said...

That is beautiful! I love the compliments the chair perfectly. I totally don't remember colored stockings. Maybe because we were in Germany part of that time. Obviously, I missed out on some very important things. ;-)
Have a lovely Tuesday!

The Smith Family said...

Love it!!! Looking forward to seeing your next project!!!