March 08, 2011

am i asking too much?
i'd love to find one of these chandeliers.

here's a little homemade meme for tuesday night:

what i'm reading: 
the beach house by jane green
(this is chick-lit at it's best... i wouldn't call it great literature at all. it's light and fluffy and lacks a climax. unless the ending is spectacular, which i am expecting, since it was on the new york times bestsellers.)

what i'm creating:
i'm currently writing a murder mystery for a st. patrick's day party, at the mansion. the party calls for 10 parts. 

what i ate for dinner:
white chicken chili with lots of cumin.
smile, wink, nod!

what i'm wearing:
jeans, thermal with a  blinged up, banged up, brown tank top over it, a necklace my friend rhonda gave me, hair in messed up pony tail.  brown eyeshadow.

what i'm watching:
the real alexander the great.  through netflix.  and so my question is...  why wasn't alexander the great content with being the ruler of persia?  did he have to go for china, too?  alexander the great a.k.a the big dog daddy. winner takes it all.

what i'm listening to:
sunday's church sermon from our church... lapeer community church.  you can listen too, click here: lcc  then click on the play button above the download button (scroll down a bit). non-denominational and uplifting!

time to make the boys a bowl of popcorn and crawl under a warm blanket or two.

happy tuesday.


Anet said...

Whoa...and hello, my name is Anet.
I just found your blog, my daughter sent me here.
It's wonderful, I love your home:)
I'm a homeschooling mom to my youngest son (the other two are grown now.)We live in Michigan, I eat gluten free,
love; creating, gardening, reading, nature, blogging, thrifting, shabby chic, antiquing, and I'm married to a Brad too:)
Seems we have lots in common.

jewelrygirl said...

My God! That is fabulous! I want one, too.

jamie said...

I bet you could figure out how to make one...or something very similar.
Have fun writing your St. Patrick's mystery! :-)

Ianstein said...

Hey Michelle, Just wanted to drop in and say Hello, Love reading your blog. (as you can see I am a follower now :) Hope to see you around Lapeer sometime. Kim and I are looking for a new church...we may come visit LCC one time.
Talk to you soon.

Ian Ranshaw

Anonymous said...

chicken chili!!- jANET m