February 22, 2011

today finds
 me confused
and angry over
the state of the world.
(i'll leave my thoughts on wisconsin teachers for another day)
as i waited in a long line of
traffic at a local gas station,
trying to save .20 cents a gallon,
i watched the people around
me... pumping gas.  looking like
they were desperate and euchred.
the drivers waiting in line,
had the same look.
well, except for the two men
who ran in to buy two cokes.

how high are these prices
really going to climb?
according to some experts,
prices could reach $10. a gallon.
thinking that they're likely to
reach $4. a gallon by weeks end,
has a stifling effect on me.

so, what are the prices at your pump?
which state do you live in?
here in mid-michigan, $3.35.

i'm thinking i should either get a bike or a horse.  how about you?

lighter note:
i enjoyed listening to the birds sing, outside today.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I paid $3.20 a couple of days ago, but recently saw a high of $3.51 here (altho that station is always high.) Here in Oregon we don't pump our own gas..against the law. It always drives me bananas when I go to another state and have to pump it myself - we are spoiled.

jamie said...

Our gas here is 3.19. Long lines here today also. Anything for an excuse to raise prices. And for the media to stir up alarm in everyone. Hopefully, it will turn out to be short lived.
Wisconsin teachers? You have me curious about that one! ;-)

The Smith Family said...

As of yesterday our gas prices are around $3.14 I was hoping that the prices would not go up again.
I have thoughts about the Wisconsin teachers as well, but will leave them to myself.
Awesome about the space station. Glad you and Tommie were able to see it!!!

MICHELE said...

miss ethel,
i'd love to have my gas pumped... sure would save my feet from getting wet and wind blowing in my face! i didn't know it was against the law, in oregon.

oh girls... i must stay far away from the wisconsin teacher's opinion. i don't want anyone throwing rotten tomatoes at my computer!!!

better day today,
your pal, michele

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

$3.47 here-just an hour or so away from you-it jumped 20 cents over night!!!