February 23, 2011

is that you looking over my shoulder?
so, you're trying to see my latest, greatest
winter project, are you?

well friend, you're just going to have to wait until tomorrow's post....  because it's "drying."

what's new?

a new read:  the beach house by jane green.  it's a light, quirky novel. 

a new netflix dvd waiting to be watched:  eleanor roosevelt :  american experience

a new canning recipe i'll be trying soon:
apple pie syrup

something new i learned today:
dr. william beaumont.  i thought it was important for tommie (and of course me) to know about this great man and his amazing patient, mr. st. martin. i threw together a homemade little unit study together.

something new i think i'll try tonight:
organizing things tonight, so that my morning routine is easier AND trying out a new mango-peach body lotion.

check back tomorrow... and see my finished project!
smile, wink, nod!

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