February 11, 2011

thursday found us doing a "what's inside the snowball you're eating?" experiment. this is just a little section of what was left after the snowball melted.  to add to the drama, we made slides of some of the debris and found a whole other world exists inside these little flakes!  we examined at 40x power.  i swear, i will never look at a clump of snow, the same way again.

me.... sharing an insanely cheap tip.
above.... do you know what this is? 
if you've guessed the wax bag that cereal comes in, inside the box, you're right! 
since going gluten-free... we've been flying through boxes of gluten-free cereal (you can make so much with it). 
realizing all of the packaging waste we were throwing away, i figured out how to save money and help out the environment....
i simply trim off the bottom and top of the bag.. and cut along the seam.  viola'  you have a nice sheet of wax paper... ready to use!
(i use wax paper for carmel corn and puppy chow!)
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

I save cereal liners too..but for an entirely different purpose :).
I put them in my dog walking bag to pick up " gifts"- Janet M

jamie said...

Oh. My. Word. Just think of all the people who have been making snow ice cream and eating that...ewww!