February 09, 2011

this week at kroger's i paid $1.15 for 3 tubes of colgate-cavity fighter and 3 softsoap pumps!  and just today... i received a nice envelope full of high-volume, amy's organic coupons.  how did i get them?  by hand-writing them a snail mail letter, thanking them for gluten free products... which i do buy each week at kroger's!
thanks amy's and thanks kroger's!

my nose is cold.

i'm in the middle of writing a murder-mystery script for 20 players at the mansion, where i work...it's about saudi arabia and egypt. deadline is friday. i did not know coriander came from india. but, i'm thinking my main character will over-dose on coriander or cumin?  


jamie said...

The mystery sounds intriguing. Nothing like a good mystery. :-)
And wow, way to go on the coupons and savings!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

How fun that you get to write the script!!! Do you also get to star in the murder mystery?? Please take pictures and post them! I'd love to see them! Can't wait to hear how it turns out!!