February 16, 2011

saving on groceries

yesterday, after careful coupon stratergizing... i went to kroger's with my list and coupons in hand...
happy to report, i saved 45% on my grocery bill.  i saved a total of almost $88.00!

i was giddy, when i received the products above, for free... after coupons and overages, that is.  not shown:  anoher bag of frito's-which the boys inhaled.

and, giddy was i... when i bought these items for under a dollar!

honorable mentions:
welch's grape juice for $1.70.

"i'm smiling, nodding and winking!"


Wee Pip said...

I wanted to share a few of my money saving tips with you, since you've been so helpful for me! We get our lunchmeat at $1 per lb. When the big boneless hams go on sale for $1 per lb, we buy one and then we have a small meat/bread slicer that we slice on a thin setting. I bag my lbs of deli meat and stick them in the freezer. Viola, cheap lunch! I also buy the big bag of leftover valentine's chocolates and smash them up to use as chocolate chips (another $1 per lb).

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Very impressive!! I always love it when I get great deals too-but I've never saved that much!! You go girl!!

jamie said...

Way to go! The pizzas look like they will be good for busy nights. :-)