February 18, 2011


listening to:  the titanical wind blowing outside and entertainment tonight on t.v.

mood is: hyper. thinking of all the craft projects i want to do this weekend.

reading:  he chose the nails, max lucado.

from the kitchen:  an empty hungry howies pizza box, from me and my boy.  leftovers for my gluten-free husband.

wearing:  vintage grey dress, black sweater coat, footless tights, rhinestone vintage pin and braid.  flower clip in my hair.  make-up wore off.

thinking:  about the wisconsin protests, syria and egypt.

must-do-this-weekend list:  clean my upstairs, organize jewelry, clean cupboards and drawers, make gluten-free mixes and bake gf cookies.
and hopefully crafts! 

now... it's off to play around on the internet and try to change the look of my blog!

happy friday night!

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I love Max Lucado's books! I read that one a while ago and loved it too!

Happy Weekend to you!!!