January 13, 2011

winter white thursday
and other idle chat....

popcorn the kitchen is officially re-painted and ready to be re-decorated in the middle of writing a murder mystery about 19th century high society ladies of london...love researching quirky facts and making them come alive will be grooving at the mansion with the mystery tomorrow night wore footless tights with thick lace and homemade legwarmers today...yes, i think it's back to dresses and skirts for me... i am much more productive, for some odd reason  suffered painfully through a documentary movie, we rented it through netfix, i thought it would be good... you know cultural studies (or insert some other spiffy adjective) the movie was called, "in this tea."  what a sleeper went to a future farmer's of america ceremony, tonight for tommie. okay... not as exciting as it sounds. 
smile, wink, nod.


Mitzi Curi said...

Sounds like you've been busy so far this winter! I enjoy these beautiful, white, snowy January days.

~Byn There said...

Nothing going on with the Twisted Education blog in a while, did you give up on it?

Mousetrap--sounds intriguing but I'll have to "check my schedule" as far as getting involved. Thanks for the heads up though.