January 11, 2011

winter white and lily white

one of my 2011 goals for myself and my boy, has been to dabble in mixed media art. i bought the corel paintshop 3x pro, and wowzaa! is it ever difficult for me to navigate (hence the flaky snap above). without prompting, my son has taken it over and teaching me different effects, layers and textures.  i'm counting this as homeschool art!  smile, wink, nod!

 another 2011 goal, i have is to keep my paperwork more organized. coupons, calendars, recipes, receipts, etc.  all in one place.  all in a handy folder. 

 since i've suddenly fallen in love with winter white mixed with lily white, i decided to decorate a boring white folder... with mixed media artwork.  the picture above is a cut-out of wallpaper border sticks, i found at the dollar tree.  i'd never put them on my walls, but they are fun for crafts! cheap, too!

the picture above was my blank canvas! the pictures came from a free magazine i found at the thrift shop. 

wearing these slippers while i mix art... makes me happy!
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Interesting. It looks really difficult. That's awesome that your son is good with it. I would think learning anything new like that is a plus for homeschooling.
Oh, love your slippers...they look so comfy!

Anonymous said...

You sure could give Martha Stewart a run for her money!! Impressed with your neat creative projects- Janet M