November 05, 2010

last saturday night, i enjoyed working at a local mansion.
in fact, i really, really like working there.
(when my "work is finished," i am usually done and home by 8-ish.
enough to have family time with my boys.)
before the party started... and before my role as the late
mrs. lambert came into play...
i helped in the kitchen with food prep work.
when the guests arrived... i dashed to the back and up... up... up...
the maid's staircase
and slipped into my role.
which included a fog machine.
i have more plans to work there this weekend.
when am i ever going to write nanowrimo???
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

The mansion looks neat...I love old claw tubs. Your dress is lovely! Have a great weekend!
Oh, what is a nanowrimo?

Mitzi Curi said...

Michelle, I love your ghostly get up! You must have had so much fun at the mansion!

Laura Irrgang said...

WHOA!!! Hold the phones---
what are you doing here?
That looks FUN!
Where is this?
If you're not dressed as a ghost and haunting a mansion, then I am going to sound crazy.
I really, really hope you're ghosting.

NANO!!!! I LOVE NANOWRIMO!!!! I only did it one year, but it was great. Maybe you can e-mail me when it gets closer to November.