November 04, 2010

i found this on the daily meme and thought i'd play along...
list the top ten things that put you in the holiday spirit!
1. snow and watching it fall
2. the smell of cinnamon or maple candles
3. decorating for christmas
4. listening to christmas music
5. watching christmas movies
6. christmas shopping
7. baking christmas cookies
8. wrapping presents
9. looking at christmas lights
10. reading children's christmas books
(even though i'm an adult!)


jamie said...

Great list! It's hard to believe it will be Christmas soon. Candles and baking definitely put me in the mood, too. I will let you have the snow, though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Shelly: That sure looks like a fun thing to do. YOu look like you are ready for bed. Your having fun.