November 27, 2010

gift bags or gift wrap? both, but i prefer gift wrap!

real tree or artificial? faux.

when do you put up the tree? yesterday.  usually always the day after thanksgiving, because i'm anti black friday.

when do you take it down? new year's day.

do you like eggnog? nope.  but i'd like to try hot toddy this year.  

favorite gift received as a child?
many, many, many!  barbie doll houses, trailer,  tent, and a big, real life size baby doll with a beautiful crocheted outfit and bonnet..which grandma crocheted me.

hardest person to buy for? my mom!

easiest person to buy for? my cousin cathy and friend rhonda.

do you have a nativity scene? sure do!  my sweet daddy made the manger when he was about 20.  and mom gave me our family nativity set.

email or mail christmas cards? snail mail.

worst christmas gift you've ever received? can't recall.

favorite christmas movie? national lampoon's christmas.  chevy chase.

when do you start shopping for christmas? i'm one of those "year-rounders"... if i find that something special, i pick it up and stash it away~

have you ever recycled a christmas gift? yes.  

favorite thing to eat at christmas? hello dolly bars!  bring them on!  and bring them on now!

lights on the tree? white and lots of them!

favorite christmas song? john mellencamp's version of, "i saw mamma kissing santa claus."  or madonna's, "santa baby!"

travel at christmas or stay home? this year... staying local!

can you name all of santa's reindeer? of course.

angel on the top of the tree or star? the angel gabrielle!

open presents christmas eve or christmas morning? christmas morning.

most annoying thing about this time of year? over-packaged christmas products, made in china, phony and smell toxic.

favorite theme or ornament color? love all the colors!  i'm really enjoying the blue outdoor lights, i've seen this year!

what do you want for christmas this year? black yoga pants, muck-lucks from on-line target, recycled garden art made from metal, a pressure cooker, jovan-orange cap musk, tasha tudor books.

fa-la-la-la la!


Us said...

I think the all blue outdoor lights look so pretty. I like all red, also. Hope your gifts find their way under your tree...especially the muk luks! The pressure cooker would be great for next years garden.

Anonymous said...

ooooh Tasha Tudor!! Have you read "The Christmas Cat"? Love it!
Janet M