November 30, 2010

having a bit of trouble posting pictures, tonight.
what's been happening these past few days?
decorated the house for christmas.
tree is up and lights are plugged in.
doctors appointment in the big city, due
south of us.  which included a walk through
trader joe's, barnes and noble and best buy.
finished, under the marble sky... i am extremely
surprised it didn't make the best seller list.
no other book in america has been written about
the meaning of the taj mahal.  
i didn't go out on black friday.  nor did  i
participate on cyber monday.  i have a thing
about crowds.  shudder.
wishing this rain would turn to snow.
scheduled to work at the mansion, quite a bit
this december.  looking forward to that!
bought red nail polish.
now, off to try to download a picture....
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

jealous, I love Trader Joes! -Janet M

jamie said...

Ooh, I love Trader Joe's, too! I could walk around in there forever. Wish we had one here. I'm with you on the crowds. Would rather stay home in my cozy house. Hope you get some snow! Getting just might! :-)