October 29, 2010

late harvest!

digging potatoes!
i love digging them and i love eating them!
imagine my smile, when i pulled this charm out of the earth!
i am for sure certain, that God placed it there just for me to find!

i just couldn't let a huge, massive clump of fresh parsley go to waste.
so, i googled parsley pesto (say that 10 times real fast)!
and proceeded to process parsley pesto!
so extremely easy and fun to make!
i ended up freezing six snack size bags full.
on wednesday, my son and his fellow homeschool friends
picked a field of squash for an area farmer... who is donating them
to a detroit food bank.
total picked for that day: 15,000 pounds.
we were welcome to take as many as we'd like... and i scooped up
six baking pumpkins! on this brisk fall day, i'll teach myself how to process them for
pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie filling!
smile, wink, nod.

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Anonymous said...

oooh squash and ooh free squash! love it with brown sugar and butter- JFM