October 26, 2010

crissy and velvet dolls.
i just loved mine.
for the pre-1970's crowd...
it was this beautiful doll...
you pushed her belly button
and pulled out the top of her hair into a long
ponytail. then you could wind her hair up
with this little crank knob.

imagine what a big deal it was...
when i begged my mom for a bottle of this
shampoo... and she bought it for me!
the pink bottle of course.

david cassidy.
oh how hot he was!
poster of him and donny osmond
decorated the back of my bedroom door.
i was convinced i was going to probably
marry donny osmond.

so... you can imagine how excited i was...
when out thrifting recently...
i found this vintage barbie tee-shirt.
just like the doll my cousin and i
played with as kids of the 1960's.
i'm loving the tee shirt and am on the hunt for more.
smile, wink, nod.


~Byn There said...

I was gonna marry Shawn Cassidy I had a 'lifesize' cardboard stand up my aunt got from the five-and-dime where she worked. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I love vintage things too--how nice of your Mom to indulge you with the shampoo:) JFM

jamie said...

I had a Crissy doll also. Unfortunately, I gave her a haircut and very much regretted it later. lol
What a fun post. :-)