September 15, 2010

well now.
so much for a full-blown, computer-based homeschool curriculum.
(read previous post).
i thought it would be just the ticket, for this season of our busy little lives.
i'd be free from lesson plans... SOS had them already organized for us!
insert sarcastic voice, now:
my son, would happily and eagerly...pop in the cd and really, really enjoy learning!
while, i gingerly worked around the kitchen... canning potatoes, dabbling in gluten-free bread baking and farmer's market work. occasionally... i thought, i would look over at my dear, always obedient son and see him smiling at nodding at his laptop. oh, the thrill of it!!! i of course, would give him my best, sincere "ATTA' boy!"

well.... that's not exactly how it went yesterday.

an hour into our perfect world,
tommy, folded his arms, assumed the voice of an adult, stood up and point-blank said to me...
"if you think, i'm going to sit here everyday, all day long, staring at this computer screen, doing lessons on this laptop, you've got another thought coming!"
"i will not sit here all day long!"

with that said, he asked to go back to our "old-way, fun, hand's-on learning." the give and take of conversations, self-directed, project based learning.
although, he does love teaching textbooks computer program and will keep moving forward with that.
for more about our day... click here!
this was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek moment for me...
this left me wondering...
is there something blocking my path, from self-improvement or self-education?
am i taking the easy way out?
do i have enough guts to stand up and say... no, this isn't working? or do i passively go-along to get along? because it's the norm and the right thing to do?
today's goal....
let's move that elephant out of the way... and get on with the business of growing and going where our heart tells us!
stand up for yourself! nicely, of course.
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

LOL Too funny! He sounds like he has a fun personality. I think different kids just have different learning styles. What works well for some personalities doesn't work for others. It sounds like you have a good thing going.
Wishing you the best this week at the farmer's markets and the baking. :)

Ceamz said...

I am glad he set you straight! no seriously when I read of the change I knew you wouldn't stick to it and was sure you would both be miserable. lol Your blogs help keep me sane and I know I am not alone in this way of thinking.
thumbs up to you both!

Anonymous said...

Go Tommie! sitting still too long makes the butt numb--Janet M