September 12, 2010

i said i never would.
but i am.
tomorrow, is the start of a full computer-based curriculum for homeschooling.
switched on schoolhouse and teaching textbooks.
while, we've both enjoyed the unschooling, project based and eclectic style of learning, tommie seems to need more... something meatier.
at this time, i can't give him that. (although, we'll continue with good literature, educational movies and real-life learning).
my little business is blossoming all around me... and the end of september and october, looks to be a whirlwind of markets. add to the fact that, i'm still trying to figure how to cook and bake, gluten free... and, can potatoes... and process eggplant soup and, and, and..... i'm hoping by using this program... it will free me up from lesson planning, grading and correcting papers. this could be a temporary thing or who knows... maybe a permanent.
moral of the story: never say never.


The Smith Family said...

8 years ago I thought I would "never" go back to work full time. Last week I did. Now my husband is a Stay at home Dad and homeschooling our kids.

Wishing you and Tommie great success this year!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!! While I enjoy the eclectic style and making my own lesson plans, I just can't in this phase of my life with a toddler running around!!! I decided to go with LIFEPACS from AOP this year for a few of my middle and junior high daughters subjects this year. WE love Teaching Textbooks!! I am anxious to hear how Tommie likes SOS. We still enjoy our Living Books as well!!! Keep us posted!!

Lisa in NW Arkansas

jamie said...

Sometimes you gotta shake things up a little. Wishing you both a wonderful school year!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I'm always on the lookout for different flea markets-when you sign up for them, will you send me an email?