September 21, 2010

animal potato and ketchup!

u oh... okay.
i just couldn't resist.
brad dug up this abnormally shaped potato.
i saw the beauty in it!
i added spinach hair.
carrot eyes.
a raspberry nose.
it makes for a fun centerpiece!

my internet blogging friend... jamie, told
me how easy-peasy it is to make mrs. wages ketchup.
so, i took her advice.. and made some.
sure was easy and a great way to use up all the beautiful tomatoes in our garden.
thanks for the tip jamie!
now... time to shut the lid on this laptop and watch the duggars.
my favorite show.


Anonymous said...

I love the Duggars too! What is the special announcement; who is preggy????- Janet M

jamie said...

You are so welcome! :-) I hope you like it. Oh, love the potato animal. So cute!