August 08, 2010

seven on sunday!
1. love my retro yellow apron. and dirty feet.
2. set up and helped decorate the rabbit and poultry barn, for the 4H fair.
2.5. i entered a few things in the 4H show: a rug hooked rug, a bouquet of basil, a bouquet of fennel, and a penny rug- pin cushion. hope to win a blue ribbon!
3. canned pizza sauce. 9 pints. pop! pop! pop! (lids).
4. picked tomato's and an abundance of green beans. barefooted in my garden. tasha-style.
5. bought bartlett pears from a roadside stand. the sign said, "not sprayed." wouldn't that mean organic? 7 dozen for $7. will can them in light syrup.
6. garage sales yesterday! .25 cent new, bamboo flip-flops. a handful of backwoods non-fictions, 1957 children's cook book, with really cheesy pics and captions... it'll make for a fun blog post (future.)
7. ran into my cousin robin. talked and talked and talked. and, wished we could have talked more.

now, it's off to the land of nod.
4H rabbit show tomorrow, all day.
with tommie and the other members.
there is nothing i love better then the atmosphere
of the livestock and poultry at a country fair.
the chickens and turkey's talking.
the sheep baaaah-ing.
the barn full of swine.
and the smell of cattle and hay.
it reminds me of my childhood, spent at my grandparents farm.
a splendid memory.

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Anonymous said...

7 dozen pears for 7 dollars!! Incredible deal- Janet Mell