August 07, 2010

i love broccoli worms! yes, i really do!

call me plum crazy.
but, each august, when i harvest our homegrown broccoli, i look forward to finding broccoli worms! there are just so many "a-ha gotcha moments!"

finding them is easy.
but then again, isn't every thing easy when you enjoy it?!
just cut the broccoli heads (we like the flower part), soak them in cold water w/ salt, for a half hour.... rinse, drain and then blanch for 3 minutes. the worms will float to the top of the pot. for extra fun, you can stir the broccoli around, in search of more... just take a spoon and dip them out!
hence, the snap above. in this case, there are two worms.
for some reason, this year, there were tons of worms in my pot!
got them all, though.
after blanching, i drain and rinse and cool the crop on a big terry cloth bath towel ... all the while...keeping an eagle eye out for more of those little cuties!
i was able to pack and freeze ten bags of veggies.
the cauliflower was given to me at the farmer's market.
one of the best things about being a vendor at the market is, the free produce that comes your way, at closing time. i also came home with a giant cantaloupe, too. bigger then my head. also, a free bottle of traverse city cherry bar-be-que sauce and homemade peach jam and 14 peaches.
now, it's off to check craigslist to see if there are any close-by garage sales!
finger's crossed!
happy saturday!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Those worms would give me the heebee jeebees. I am fine with all sort of insects, but caterpillars and worms like that give me the creeps. Plain old earthworms are fine tho. They are lucky they have a friend in you!

jamie said...

Oh, my word. That is kind of disturbing. lol Great going on getting the free stuff! The cherry bbq sauce sounds awesome. Hope you find some good yard sales!