August 02, 2010

here's me.
all in character at the murder mystery party.
i was candice, the showgirl. who was suppose to be disillusioned
and thinking i/she was going to be rich and famous.
"just ad lib" was what was suggested to me, by both writers.
and i did. ad lib, that is. it was much easier that way.
more natural.
i had an hour to go over my script and get into the role.
i enjoyed talking about mary pickford, the south of france, hollywood and
how much my feet hurt from dancing.
in the end... i was the the murderess.
it was totally volunteer. and so very much fun.
i was able to say things
to people, that i normally wouldn't say.
i was shifty. insulting. arrogant. and deceiving.
my outfit was one that i put together at home.... thanks to my mom, who has
so many very cool clothes!
i sat among 17 strangers and had a three course meal. my job was to keep the guests on topic. keep them pumped. and interested. which wasn't too hard, since it was a very fun group.
i'll be doing this again in the fall. or sooner, depending on the next party. in fact, the atmosphere was so electric, that i even offered to be a waitress at the party.
smile, wink, nod~


jamie said...

Oh, cool! You look like you would be a natural at acting. What a beautiful costume, too.

Mitzi Curi said...

You look adorable in that outfit! How lucky to have a mother who has a stash of great clothes!

Anonymous said...

Shelly: This is sooooooooooooooo you, I just know you had a great time, and was excellent. How fun this looks. aunt Janet

Anonymous said...

Hi aunt shell! Its rebecca! So glad you had fun at your mystery night! Sounds like it was a blast. Miss you alll! Love you!

Anonymous said...

how fun! what was for dinner? Janet Mell