August 02, 2010

blogging. i've been away for a few days. and boy, have i ever missed it!
outside of computer technology difficulties, i've had a whirlwind few days!
which found me....
blueberry picking with my aunts, mom and cousin, followed by a girls sleepover at my mom's (it's a summer tradition), processing broccoli -froze 10 bags for winter and made freezable broccoli soup, working at our church and still really enjoying it, farmer's market- long hours, lots of people and very hot and humid, playing the part of a showgirl in a murder mystery program at a local mansion.. which was more fun then i had imagined... pictures forthcoming. picking green beans, making peanut butter cookies, and a trip to the theatre to see "dinner with the shmuck's"... pretty wild-- i don't recommend it. now it's off to catch up on laundry.
i'll be back super soon!


The Smith Family said...

Love the picture of the stove! Would love to have one like that :)

Wow your week was busy...looking forward to seeing the pics from your theatre performance!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous stove, LOVE IT! If I had my way I would replace all the modern appliances in the house with vintage. My kitchen aid mixer is from 1962 :)- Janet Mell